Monday, February 22, 2010

Updates on Meets

Arkansas State University Invitational:

Location: Arkansas State University
Height Attained: 3.16 meters
Comments: Still learning how to vault and getting a better grasp of new technique changes. Alyssa broke her pole here, and I'm pretty sure that shook up everyone. Not the best meet, but looking forward to the next one.

Rod McCravy Memorial:

Location: University of Kentucky
Height Attained: 3.40 meters
Comments: Better meet than ASU. I was happy with how I performed and felt stronger and more technically sound here. Fast track made it easier to run.

SIU McDonald's Invite:

Location: Southern Illinois University
Height Attained: 3.40 meters
Comments: Not happy that there is no improvement as far as the numbers show, but I felt strong at this meet. Started a new diet for this meet (no eating after 6 pm). It's not hard, and it's helping. Happy with the finish, but want a higher height.

Hoosier Hills Invitational:

Location: Indiana University
Height Attained: 3.04 meters
Comments: ugh! I hate getting sick! Caught Laryngitis the Sunday before this meet and was just getting over it for the meet. I could not move on Tuesday, and stayed in bed most of Wednesday. We traveled Thursday and vaulted on Friday. It was hard, and the anitbiotics made me slow. I was happy to be able to vault and get a height with the condition I was in.

SEMO Invite:

Location: Southeast Missouri State University
Height Attained: 3.35 meters
Comments: kind of frustrated with this meet as I really wanted to get a PR, but sometimes you just have to wait it out. I was very very close to a new personal best on the last vaults, but my form wasn't all there. My first attempt at 3.50 meters, I had my left arm out almost perfectly but didn't get off the top of the pole very well. Second attempt was terrible. Third attempt, I had no left arm but got off the top of the pole better. If I could combine the first vault and the third one, I am confident that I will get that height the next height easily!!!

February 21, 2010

"Do not look to the ground for your next step; greatness lies with those who look to the horizon." -- Norwegian Proberb


Height: 13'... 13'6
Weight: 160 lbs
Step: 7 step

Things to Work on:

1. Left arm out initially at the plant
2. Keep my hips back in the C Position off of the take off
3. Vault into the pole... don't block out!
4. Keep toes up while running.... get knees higher.
5. Work the top of the pole.


Soooo.... it's kind of been a while since I've updated this. Just got a little too busy for a bit. I've changed poles more throughout these past few weeks than I have my entire pole vaulting career, but it's been a great experience. I'm just blowing through these poles faster than we can get them. I'll post an update on how I've done at all the meets for those that want to know. As of yet, I'm learning a lot more about the vault (more than I knew before coming to the University of Memphis, that's for sure.) I am loving this experience! Coach came up with a quote for me: "You can't read until you learn the alphabet." Basically, I can't vault the way I want to vault until I learn all the little technical things first.