Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ring Vaults

Ok, so i'll admit it... I LOVE ring vaulting! It's gotta be one of the best inventions for a pole vault drill ever! For everyone that doesn't know what this is, you get on some scaffolding, grab onto a ring (like one of the ones they use in the Olympics for gymnastics), you jump off the scaffolding, assume a pole vault position, and work on the vault technique in this way. It's great! Not only do I find it highly entertaining, but I get to work on a few things that I could not otherwise isolate.

Today, I cleared about 11 feet which isn't too bad seeing as I haven't done it in about a year. I need to get better though. Coach Guy had me working mainly on shooting my heels up to keep me moving upward rather than shooting out at the crossbar (as I have a tendency to do). I found it very worthwhile and feel that I am doing much, much better- though there is room for improvement- at this now. Other than this, I've been keeping up with my workouts. I've added a high cardio element since I last posted which I feel is trimming me up quite a bit.

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