Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Workouts

So I started summer vaulting with Coach Guy out in Desert Vista. The man is a genius! This last week we've only been doing short vaults. Tuesday we were out on the track with the vaults, but the Desert Vista track is getting resurfaced, so we moved the pit under the bleachers (that's what the picture is of haha). We only have like a 40-foot runway, so I'm kinda being forced into the short run stuff. I hate short run work, but in all honesty, it's what I need to do. Tuesday was just the basics as some of the kids in the camp have never vaulted before. Thursday we split it up a bit, and I worked on getting my left leg back on the take off in order to bring more power into the swing. It really is helping, and I'm glad that Coach Guy has a lot of patience when working with me because I'm sure he knows how little I like short drills. I'm really hoping that this camp gets my technique farther along than I am currently.
Other than vaulting, I've been to the gym everyday this week, alternating upper body and lower body workouts each day and sub-setting each work out with core exercises. I've all ready dropped about six pounds according to the scale at LA Fitness (but who knows how accurate that is). I had about a thirty minute run yesterday and did sprints two others days of the week. With this, I hope to get stronger, build more agility and stamina, and complement my vault work.

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